Unique Travel Destinations Around the World

Traveling gives you a lot of experiences that give you adventure that make good stories to tell your grandkids as they sit around you in your home’s living room. While there are a lot of lists everywhere giving you places that you should visit before you die, there are a lot of places not commonly visited by tourists. If you’re looking for another leg of adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Check down below the unusual places you can visit and unwind.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools


This enchanting pools are found in Turkey. As the name suggests, Pamukkale translates to cotton castle, these pools look like mountains of cotton. Equipped with natural hot springs, Pamukkale pools can give bring you relaxation while enjoying the wonders of nature. Better bring your waterproof camera and never miss a chance to capture its beauty.

Dean’s Blue Hole


This body of water in Bahamas has both salt water and fresh water in it. Its name is taken from the color of the water when seen from above. You can swim and dive in this spot in Long Island, Bahamas. Better have your scuba diving gear as this hole has a depth of 600 feet.

Ice hotel


If your alternate ego is Elsa of Frozen and the cold does not bother you, try to check in to Ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. You can find the cold hotel 124 miles north of Arctic Circle and try to sleep in a bed made from ice which is as cold and as hard as your ex- girl / boyfriend’s heart. The whole hotel is made of ice as well as its furniture. Keep in mind though that the hotel is only open during the winter, well, for obvious reasons.

Mont St. Michel


If you want a trip down the history lane, better visit France’s own tidal island. This place is known for its beauty that when the tide is high, it becomes bordered with water and during low tide, it gets enclosed by land. You can visit the island off the coast of Normandy and see the French Revolution’s Gothic Abbey in this where prisoners were being held before.



This Chinese province boasts their mountain- carved Buddha statue that is called the Leshan Giant Buddha. It was known to be carved at the side of the mountain and has a height of 233 feet and completed during the 8th century. Sichuan can also be a tourist favorite because of their Panda Inn where everything has panda paintings and photographs while the staff wears panda costumes.

Pancake Rocks

Pancake Rocks

Situated in South Island of New Zealand, you can find this beauty on Paparoa National Park. The rock formation of limestone and sandstone resembles a stacked pancake hence giving it the name of Pancake Rocks. The formation of the rock is due to the erosion of sandstone and its start can be dated back to 30 million years ago.